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Smart devices work to make life easier, and convenient, with automation and self learning. How smart is your home?

Home Owners

No time to build your new furniture? No time to install that fancy camera? New door lock? New Home? We can help.
Home Automation: having a smart configurable home that makes yours stand out.

Imagine having all the new technologies available in your home. A journey to a Smart Home never ends, for it grows as technology does.

The future of all homes is automated, connected and self-sufficient meaning it can power itself and even re-stock its own shelves. 

Rental Property

Transform your investments and renovation updates into a modern dream. Work with Durham's Home Tech, we'll help you appeal to a younger demographic, provide safe neighborhoods boosting value.
We help home owners, and have coined the term smart-ovations.

Schedule energy storage solutions to increase your energy savings and join a community of people that choose to make a difference, with smart homes.

Your smart home is waiting...